We provide sophisticated, cutting-edge, and specialized research products and investment analysis. We are unafraid to be non-consensus and challenge conventional wisdom. We are the experts and thought leaders in our sectors, authoritative and agenda-setting; and client service focused.


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Ahead of the Curve™

Ahead of the Curve™ reports generally focus on one of three scenarios:

  • A non-consensus idea where our view differs from the majority
  • An investment controversy where we take a stand or
  • A not fully understood investment topic that will be a key driver of the stocks in a particular sector.


Cowen/Harvard Business School Case Study

Cowen is honored to be the subject of a recent Harvard Business School case study entitled Cowen Inc.:  Leveraging Data. The case study provides an overview of how our research methods have continued to evolve in our ongoing effort to differentiate our product and offer the most authoritative and agenda-setting analysis available.

The full case study may be ordered here.

For important research disclosures, please see the firm’s research disclosure website here.


Our data science initiative harnesses massive datasets in the public and private domain to help inform our analysts’ investment opinions.  It represents a multi-million dollar investment in using technology to synthesize information and using that information to help generate alpha.


Cowen’s Digital Health Initiative™ brings together the collective insight of our research analysts in a variety of disciplines to examine the intersection of technology, retail and health care, and how this convergence will impact the investment landscape.


Cowen’s ESG Research highlights analysis that includes significant environmental, social or governance implications for those portfolio managers focused on those criteria as part of their investment process.

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Research Team


To understand consumer businesses, our research team combines on the ground research with proprietary data driven research to help inform investment opinions.

Forecasting the peaks and troughs in the consumer cycle is challenging but understanding how prior cycles evolved and how leading, coincident and lagging indicators for the consumer change as macroeconomic cycles evolve can assist in the generation of investment theses across the consumer spectrum. In addition, proprietary survey work, such as our Consumer Tracker Survey, has provided insights into consumer behavior which helped to support several prescient stock calls.

Our research team has a pulse on consumer trends, identifying those industries and stocks most likely to be impacted by emerging trends, industry disruptors and changing consumer allegiances.

Our research coverage includes:

  • Airlines
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Apparel, Footwear & Textiles
  • Cannabis
  • Healthy Living
  • Hotels
  • Non-alcoholic Beverages
  • Restaurants
  • Retailing / Broadlines & Department Stores
  • Retailing/Specialty Stores

Research Team


The Cross-Asset research team is focused on cross-asset, event driven and leveraged situations. In particular, the team provides insights on leveraged loans, bonds, converts, mandatory’s, preferred, warrants, reorganized equity and private placements.

As a research-centric platform, our senior analysts develop value-added ideas for clients looking for investment opportunities across the capital spectrum. Our analysts cover a broad range of industries, with investment thesis being formed across the capital structure for individual companies.

Research Team


Leveraging data analytics and deep industry expertise, Cowen’s energy analysts make impactful calls that often challenge consensus.  We’ve built proprietary algorithms on top of GPS tracking data, powering intelligent monitoring of ship traffic and oil rigs to fill in ‘blind spots’ that otherwise mask risk and recovery points.

Cowen’s Integrated Oil, Oil Services, Exploration & Production and Natural Gas analysts take a multidisciplinary approach to stock and industry research, often collaborating with analysts across industry verticals to analyze macro drivers and understand nuanced implications for supply and demand.

Research Team

Health Care

Cowen’s health care equity research is agenda-setting, and our footprint is among the largest. Our analysts’ work has been validated in third-party polls, such as Institutional Investor’s All-America Research Team, the Greenwich Associates poll, and Starmine. In addition to company-specific research, our team publishes over 17,000 pages of industry research annually. Publications such as Biotechnology Quarterly, Pharmaceutical Industry Pulse, Specialty Pharmaceutical Pulse, Therapeutic Categories Outlook, Life Science Tool Kit, and Diagnostics Kit have become legend among investors.

Similarly, our Ahead Of The Curve™ reports are at the center of conversation.

Our annual Health Care Conference remains one of Wall Street’s most highly regarded, and is the epicenter of discussion for corporate executives, institutional investors, venture capitalists, and health care professionals.

Research Team


Cowen’s Industrials team brings together macro analysis, extensive field work, a deep network of industry contacts and sound fundamental research to analyze investment opportunities and risks in companies spanning economies new and old.

Whether considering leading edge industrial innovation and technology or ‘stuff that rusts,’ Cowen’s analysts focus on significant themes and trends often overlooked in the market, delivering thoughtful investment analysis intended to drive outperformance.

Research Team

Technology, Media & Telecom

Our research team is a trusted voice for insights and analysis into some of the most dynamic companies in the world. We identify key themes – such as cybersecurity, public cloud computing, communications infrastructure and the growth in on demand streaming – and utilize our network of relationships to understand where the world is heading and how best to play the theme. We also conduct highly advanced survey work, such as our Internet Tracker Survey, which is a, census-adjusted monthly poll of 2500 consumers, to gather unique proprietary data for the industries and the companies we cover.

Being forward thinking is in our genes. Our technology heritage dates back to 1972 when Cowen held the industry’s first technology conference, recognizing that a forum where investors and companies come together would become the standard. Four and a half decades later, we proudly still host our Annual Technology, Media and Telecom conference as well as newer events such as the Communications Infrastructure Summit, Networking and Cybersecurity Summit, and Internet Bus Tour.

Research Team

Washington Macro Commentaries

Cowen’s Washington Research Group (WRG), established more than 40 years ago, is a leading voice for commentary and insights to Washington policy. The team has been consistently recognized at the top of its field by clients and in industry surveys.

Government policy and regulatory affairs play an increasingly important role in investment analysis. WRG’s valuable macro perspective complements the domain expertise of Cowen’s exceptional fundamental equity and credit research.

WRG’s multi-faceted coverage includes:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Financial Services
  • Fiscal, & Tax Policy
  • Health Care Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Medicare
  • Pharmaceutical Policy
  • Technology, Media & Telecom/FCC

Research Team


Cowen's research efforts are led by well-respected industry practitioners who bring a diverse range experience. With backgrounds in areas such as consulting, sales and law, our leadership has a proven track record of bringing the best out of its team.