Malte Striegler

Malte Strieger holding a "Cowen" flag while sporting a gold medal around the neck, smiling triumphantly at the camera.

As a world champion and world-record holder in finswimming, I went for Gold for Germany at both the World Games and World Championships this year. When I competed, I was proud to wear TD Cowen on my fin. At TD Cowen, our motto is Outperform, and that’s also my mantra in competition. We all strive to be our best and continuously raise our game so we can Outcompete.

At TD Cowen Europe AG, where I work in Leipzig as an M&A Associate, so many doors have opened for me, especially in consumer health, which personally interests me, and semiconductors. I’m also grateful to TD Cowen for accommodating me with Flexibilität – the flexibility to go to pool or the gym to train during lunch breaks. When I stood at the edge of the pool at the World Games, where I won the Gold, and later when I won the Gold at the World Championships, I knew my TD Cowen colleagues were cheering for me. And I was thinking of all of them with gratitude.

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