Partner, Mergers and Acquisitions

Philipp Schlüter is a Partner, Mergers and Acquisitions at Cowen..  He had been with Quarton since 2010. Previously, he had been founding as well as building up several firms as an entrepreneur in the field of Video on Demand. Among these firms are the software company Visono, the film sales agent CLA, and the portal operator Nowtilus. In 2011, Nowtilus was sold to Rovi Inc, the world market leader for EPG systems. Philipp has supported the establishment of the most VoD projects in Germany as a service provider and consultant. He is also involved as an active business angel for several internet companies.

Philipp Schlüter holds an MBA from Universität Potsdam and studied in Passau, Barcelona, and Potsdam.


Hochstraße 33
60313 Frankfurt am Main
D +49 89 200 039 30