Founding Partner, RCG Longview

Michael Boxer is responsible for all real estate related investments of Cowen Investment Management LLC. Mr. Boxer joined the firm (then Ramius LLC) at its inception in 1994. He represents Cowen Investment Management in its real estate development activities and in its role as a managing member of the general partner of each of RCG Longview’s debt and equity funds.

Mr. Boxer is a founding partner of RCG Longview and a member of its investment committee. Mr. Boxer has played a primary role in the creation of RCG Longview’s debt and equity funds as well as its joint venture investments in multifamily and workforce multifamily housing. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Boxer negotiated and structured the disposition of real estate and real estate related assets on behalf of institutional lenders at Victor Capital Group. Mr. Boxer began his career as a real estate attorney with Shea & Gould, where he represented owners and lenders in the structuring and consummation of real estate development, leasing and financing transactions.

Mr. Boxer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin & Marshall College and a JD from New York University School of Law.


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