Cowen supports active portfolio managers with tools and insights that help them outperform. We are recognized for our unparalleled level of fluency in the sectors we cover. Trading and execution services are non-conflicted.

Cowen’s sales and trading team complements our premier research brand with world class distribution capabilities, market intelligence and client partnerships.  Our institutional sales force is recognized for its extraordinary depth, continuity of product knowledge and client service and are well-versed in providing value-added calls to clients across the capital structure.

We are a top US broker in cash equities and a leading venue neutral electronic trading provider.  In addition, we are active in options, events and special situations.  We are also a leading voice in global market structure.

Sales & Trading

Excellence in equity research and market intelligence is why Cowen a top US broker in cash equities for institutional clients. Clients transact with us because we have an

unparalleled level of industry expertise and fluency in the sectors we cover and we provide ideas and solutions that help them achieve superior returns.


Options & Event Driven Strategies

The options and event driven strategies team helps clients develop and implement customized option strategies. In addition, we actively make markets in mergers, corporate actions and special situations and provide flow/deal analysis.

We also develop desk content that provides clients with actionable trade ideas. These trade ideas leverage Cowen’s best-in-class research with market intelligence from our research sales and sales traders.


Special Situations

The special situations team specializes in trading special situations including: post-reorg equities, rights offerings, recapitalizations, spinoffs, SPAC acquisitions, privates, and other event-driven situations.

The team primarily focuses on providing alpha-generating ideas such as pairs, swap and arbitrage trades and the subsequent liquidity necessary to execute them.

In addition, the team focuses on inflection-point events and facilitates cross-capital structure trading.


Securities Finance

Cowen maintains a team of professionals with broad experience across the Securities Lending and Financing markets.  The team has a demonstrable record of providing clients with outperformance for long and short portfolios through innovative solutions.

Key Features

  • Strategic focus on “Hard-to-Borrow” and “Special Situation” securities
  • Access to traditional and non-traditional sources of inventory in the cash and financing markets
  • Ability to provide historical security and portfolio analysis along with indicative pricing for clients and prospects
  • Effective solutions for short-selling including innovative and time-savings locate browser
  • Competitive rates with a focus on enabling clients to generate financing revenue and receive cost savings benefits where applicable
  • Extensive relationships and a sophisticated approach to the evolving Securities Finance markets
  • Client access to Cowen’s Fully Paid for Lending program allowing institutional investors an opportunity to generate alpha for securities held in their portfolio


Plan Sponsor Services

Cowen’s Plan Sponsor Services team helps over 1,000 asset owner clients to reduce transaction costs, increase cash flow & conserve plan assets. Cowen’s commission recapture program offers a simple yet effective way for asset owners to achieve savings.

Over 400 global investment managers trade to credit our plan clients by trading directly with Cowen, or with members of our Global Trading Network.

Cowen’s Event Trading model offers asset owners an additional way to increase savings by including situations in which the asset owner, not the manager, makes a portfolio adjustment that results in a trading transaction, in their program.

Clients include: Corporate & Public plans, Taft-Hartley plans, Universities & Endowments, Financial Institutions and Mutual Funds.



Insights & Commentary

Market Structure

Mar 14 2017

Finding Differentiated Liquidity in the Dark

In today’s incredibly interconnected markets, it’s a common assumption that all firms are pretty much routing orders to many, if not most venues. Liquidity seems largely transient from one venue to another depending on fees, rebates, ownership structures, client instructions and other key factors. Dark venues are no exception to this rule. In short, firms have developed sophisticated routing strategies to effectively glue this highly fragmented market back together.


Our sales and trading team has extraordinary depth of product knowledge and long-standing relationships on the Street. However, the success of our sales and trading team centers on collaboration and teamwork.

General Contact

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